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Got a burning question?

Try these curiosity quenching sources:

TED Talks: Ideas worth spreading: videos, newsletter, articles.

The Edge: Where leading thinkers from diverse fields share their ideas.

Brain Pickings: Eclectic blend of philosophy, literature, science and more.

The Long Now Foundation: Thinking deeply for a future that matters.

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Podcasts—free spoken-word content on virtually every subject
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Some of our faves:

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People worth watching:

Naomi Klein: Journalist, author for a just sustainable future.

Michael Specter: Science journalist and New Yorker columnist.

David Eagleman: Cognitive neuroscientist and author.

Ed Yong: Science journalist and columnist at The Atlantic.

Janna Levin: Cosmologist and popular author.

Alan Savory: Sustainability innovator for livestock management.

Wade Davis: Ethnographer and champion for cultural diversity.

Dan Ariely: Exploring the motivating forces of human behavior.

Sherry Turkle: Studies the impact of our technology on society.

Steven Pinker: Psychologist and popular author.

Stewart Brand: Ecologist and futurist, curator of The Long Now.

Emma Marris: Environmental journalist on re-thinking nature.

Gary Taubes: Science journalist focused on human nutrition.

Jonathan Haidt: Social psychologist explores our moral compass.

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