Preventing Alzheimer’s Is Easier Than You Think: The Surprising Science of Food and the Brain
October 9, 2018

Presentation, Q&A. Tickets are now available below and on our TICKETS page ($250 pesos). Tickets will be available in advance at Tienda Tesoros in the Biblioteca for $250 pesos and at the door for $300 pesos. This event is scheduled at 5:00 PM at La Casona Event Center. Informal reception to follow, with complimentary botanas and beverages available for purchase.

Rates of Alzheimer’s dementia are expected to triple by 2050, and every drug developed to try to combat this epidemic has failed miserably. The bad news is that many of us are already on the road to Alzheimer’s disease without realizing it. The good news is that scientists have identified the key driving force behind most cases of this devastating illness—and it’s something well within your power to control. Confusing and constantly changing headlines suggest hope lies in magical superfoods, antioxidant supplements and crossword puzzles—but these will not save you. It is only by understanding the simple truth about how food affects the brain that you can protect your most precious asset—your mental health. Psychiatrist and nutrition expert Dr. Georgia Ede will present the latest research about diet and dementia and challenge conventional wisdom about meat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and even vegetables. Come for an engaging presentation and discussion that will forever change the way you think about the way you eat. It’s never too early—or too late—to implement the powerful dietary principles that could change the course of your intellectual future.