Farmers Are Our Future (How campesinos can save our world)
April 21, 2018

Presentation, Q&A. Tickets are now available below and on our TICKETS page ($250 pesos). Tickets will be available in advance at Tienda Tesoros in the Biblioteca for $250 pesos and at the door for $300 pesos. This event is scheduled at 5:00 PM at La Casona (new convention center on Salida a Celaya). Informal reception to follow, with complimentary botanas and beverages available for purchase.

Climate change and loss of biodiversity threaten the very existence of the human race. While professors and policymakers in ivory towers study, debate and try to forge agreements, campesinos with little money or education are stabilizing the climate, bringing biodiversity back to degraded lands and feeding the world. Meet some of these unsung heroes and learn how millions more could join their ranks to become the cornerstone of a healthy planet and food system.

Florence Reed is an award winning thought leader and innovative practitioner. After serving as a Peace Corps Volunteers in Panama in the early 1990s, Reed founded Sustainable Harvest International, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing rural Central American families with the tools and training to overcome poverty while protecting tropical forests. As president of the organization, Reed brings people together to raise awareness about sustainable agriculture as a solution to tropical deforestation and poverty.