“Truth to Logic – Crime, Criminal Justice and Ideology in the American Experiment”
August 20, 2018

Ticket information coming soon. This event is scheduled at 4:00 PM at the Bellas Artes.

James E PalomboThe U.S. citizenry lacks a legitimate understanding of its country’s capitalist character. This “identity crisis” presents serious problems on both national and international levels. Palombo will relay his experiences with crime, the criminal justice system and the ideological issues that inform to his conclusions. Given our current political and social turmoil, this promises to be a timely presentation.

James Palombo is a retired criminal justice professor, social worker and author of Criminal To Critic: Reflections Amid The American Experiment. He currently concentrates on public policy advocacy as the Director of the Campaign for an Informed Citizenry, as Politics Editor of the internet magazine Ragzine, and through community project work.